Never do these things when your ex texts you

Breakups are always difficult, even when it’s a mutual decision. The end of a relationship often brings a whirlwind of painful emotions. And just when you think you’ve moved on, that unexpected message from your ex pops up on your phone screen. How should you handle such a situation? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some things you should never do when your ex texts you.

1. Don’t Respond Immediately

Responding immediately can make you appear too eager to engage, implying that your ex is still a top priority for you. You might be tempted to craft an excuse about being busy when you saw the text, but that doesn’t mean you must respond right away.

Think about your response for a moment before texting back. You’re not obligated to jump into a conversation. It’s perfectly fine to set your phone aside and ignore the message if you choose. You owe your ex nothing.

2. Do NOT Jump Right into a Conversation

Before you reply, consider why your ex is texting you. Is it because he recently ended another relationship? Does he need familiar company in a tough moment? Or is he simply bored?

There could be numerous reasons behind the text. Don’t assume he’s genuinely curious about how you’re doing, especially if it’s a late-night message. Approach the situation with caution and don’t engage in a conversation without understanding his motives first. There’s no need to get involved if there’s an ulterior motive.

3. Do NOT Forget About Why You Two Broke Up

Remember why your relationship ended. It’s easy to slip into pleasant conversations and reminisce about good times, making you second-guess the breakup.

But remember, smooth conversation doesn’t guarantee that your ex has changed. He likely wants something from you, and will naturally be nice to get it. Just because the talk is nice now doesn’t mean he’s a new person.

It’s crucial to remember the reasons your relationship ended. Those reasons were significant enough to part ways once and could surface again. Stay grounded and don’t let fleeting good feelings cloud your judgment.

4. DON’T Let It Affect You

Don’t overthink a simple “hi” text. It doesn’t have to be a big deal.

If you’re committed to moving on, view the text with a hint of skepticism and ensure it doesn’t rattle you. Reflect on why your life is better without him instead of rehashing old arguments.

Engaging in conversation with your ex might not bring you any good, especially if you’ve been thriving without him.


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