My Husband and My In-Laws Wanted Me to Pay for Them. My Response Surprised Everyone

Family refers to the people who support you in difficult times, such as after a loved one’s death. However, when it comes to money, some relatives reveal their true colors, eager to take a piece of the pie. This is what happened to the woman who posted her story on Reddit.

Here’s how the narrative went: “I recently inherited a significant sum of money from my mother. I retain the money in a different account because I have yet to determine what to do with it and don’t want it to go to waste.

I saw my spouse continuously bringing up the inheritance money and making numerous ideas about how I should spend it. Another thing is that he expects me to pay for almost everything during the last few weeks.

My husband and I recently met up with his family at a restaurant to celebrate a holiday. It was going well until I discovered that I was supposed to pay for everyone at the table. My husband’s mother made a joke about paying for supper out of my “inheritance pocket,” which infuriated me, but I had no reply. I just discreetly paid for my own dinner and drinks. Then I got up and left the restaurant. They were shouting after me like a crowd, and my husband tried to persuade me to return, but I drove home.

He came back at 3 a.m. ranting at me, claiming I was sad for getting up and walking out on him and his family after they relied on me to pay for their food and thought I was kind enough to do so, but they were mistaken. He claimed I embarrassed him and his family, and that what I did was an attempt to retaliate for not being able to help his mother when she was sick. I’ll just say it’s not true.

He is furious and claims that I made a schism between his family and me when it would not have hurt me to pay for the celebratory supper.”


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