My Boyfriend Insists I Sleep on the Floor and Leave Our Bed to Him

A young woman, 24, is looking for advice as she faces a challenging situation with her boyfriend that affects her sleep. She finds herself being criticized for wanting to sleep in her own bedroom and is feeling quite perplexed.

The woman turned to Reddit for advice.

This 24-year-old woman is in a bind with her boyfriend, who is 35 years old and works overnight shifts, returning home at around 4 am.

He insists that she move to the living room to sleep because her movements supposedly disturb his rest. Every morning, between 4 am and 6 am, when he finishes work, she is expected to vacate the bedroom. She’s unsure whether she’s being unreasonable for wanting to stay in bed when he gets home.

Her boyfriend accuses her of being selfish, claiming her presence makes the room too warm. “Our couch isn’t large enough to comfortably lie on (it’s more like a love seat), and the floor is far too hard on my body,” she explained.

Sleeping in the living room isn’t a comfortable option for her.

The living room is much brighter than their bedroom, which has blackout curtains, making it tough for her to sleep there. Although they own an air mattress, the concern is that their cat might damage it. They even considered purchasing a new couch, but her boyfriend dismissed the idea, arguing that it’s her who wants it, not him.

Feeling it’s unfair that she has to compromise her sleep for his benefit, and only gets 5–6 hours of rest while he enjoys a full eight hours, she is grappling with whether she’s in the wrong in this situation.

She’s seeking advice on what to do.


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