My Boyfriend ‘Forgets’ His Credit Card Every Time We Go Out To Eat, So I Have To Pay For Everyone

A Frustrating Pattern

A woman in her thirties had been dating her boyfriend, who had two young children, for nearly a year. However, she noticed a recurring problem whenever they went out to eat. Each time, her boyfriend conveniently forgot his credit card, leaving her to foot the bill. At first, she didn’t mind, but as time went on, she became increasingly frustrated.

Feeling the Financial Burden

The woman explained that they would go out to eat with his children once a week, as they loved dining out. However, her boyfriend would consistently “forget” his credit card, leaving her to cover the cost. While it was initially manageable, the constant expenses began to take a toll on her finances. She found herself struggling financially, having paid for dinner numerous times in the past month.

Reaching a Breaking Point

One night, the woman had just received payment from her second part-time job, and they were supposed to go out to eat with the children again. Knowing the pattern all too well, she texted her boyfriend to remind him to bring his wallet. Unfortunately, he dismissed her reminder and laughed it off.

The Last Straw

When they arrived at the restaurant, the children eagerly ordered expensive items from the menu. Concerned about her boyfriend’s wallet, she asked him if he had remembered to bring it this time. His shocked expression and frantic search for the wallet revealed the truth – he had forgotten it once again. Frustrated and exhausted, the woman was left contemplating her next move.

Taking a Stand

Realizing that she couldn’t continue paying for him and his children, the woman made a difficult decision. She gathered her things, ready to leave the restaurant without even having dinner. Her boyfriend, perplexed by her actions, demanded answers. She explained that she was no longer willing to shoulder the financial responsibility and simply walked out.=

The Confrontation

Later, her boyfriend called her, angrily accusing her of selfishness for leaving him and his hungry children at the restaurant. She stood her ground, expressing her belief that it was unfair for her to constantly pay for their meals. He argued that she lacked sympathy for their situation and claimed they had to go home without eating because he couldn’t afford the meals.

Seeking Validation

Feeling conflicted, the woman turned to Reddit to seek advice on the situation. She questioned whether her decision to leave the restaurant was justified or if she should have paid and discussed the issue later.

The responses from Redditors were largely supportive, with many asserting that her boyfriend was taking advantage of her generosity. They believed she made the right choice by prioritizing her financial well-being and standing up against an unfair situation.


What would you have done if you were in the woman’s shoes? Was her decision to leave the restaurant justified, or should she have handled it differently? Let us know your thoughts!


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