Model With ‘World’s Biggest Cheeks’ Shows Off Her New Surgery That Makes Her Look Even More Extreme

Model With ‘World’s Biggest Cheeks’ Shows Off Her New Surgery That Makes Her Look Even More Extreme

Each of us is unique in our own different ways. But for this model, she wants to look more different than others.

In fact, she already achieved this when she gained worldwide attention after having the ‘world’s biggest cheeks.’ Others would think that she’s had enough, but she wants more. She recently showed off her new procedure to exaggerate her look even more!

According to Anastasia Pokreshchuk she has spent a huge sum of money on surgeries over the years, including botox, veneers, lip fillers and liposuction, you name it she’s had it.

Out of the many things that the 33-year-old from Kiev has had done, one that made her the talk of the internet was her protruding cheeks. She achieved this after spending £1,500 ($2,100) worth of filler injections!

She said, “After I had the injections and saw the changes in my cheeks, I fell in love with them. I understand that they look weird to other people but I don’t mind.”

On April 24, this Ukrainian model took to Instagram Stories to share with her followers another trip that she’s been to, to get her unique feature even more exaggerated…

In one of her videos, a beautician can be seen filling up a number of syringes. It seems like she’s having her sessions at home. The footage then shows Anastasia wincing as the beautician starts to inject filler into her face.

This though, is not something that still surprises her 82.5k followers on Instagram. They are used to these kinds of videos that she shares and most of them appreciate how open Anastasia is about her surgery.

In fact just last year, Anastasia shared a throwback photo of how she used to look before she’d had all the surgeries done. She was only 26 years old in the old photo and she looks totally different compared to her appearance now.

In the pictures she shared, Anastasia has brunette hair, brown eyes and no visible facial fillers. This throwback photo was shared alongside a caption that reads:

“Transformation – 26 and 32. Who will you choose?”

After seeing her throwback photo, fans are divided. One follower says that now, she looks ‘like a superhero from Marvel.’ Anastasia seemed to like that comment because she responded by saying ‘yes’ with a love heart emoji.

Then another commenter said that she was ‘very beautiful’ before she had done anything. That though is something that Anastasia did not like because she replied with a ‘no’.

Also, she’s had her teeth done. She also shared what her natural teeth look like underneath her veneers and they are quite something. It turns out that it’s not only her cheeks that she’s had cosmetically altered, but her teeth too. Her current teeth are fake and the real ones have been filed down to little pegs.

Before she decided to get the fillers, Anastasia explained that she was too shy to post pics of herself online. She said, “I was ashamed of everything; my voice, my appearance. It was really hard work.

I think I was ugly before. My mom thinks that I was naturally beautiful before, but now I think I look more exotic and my friends say my new appearance is better because before I looked like a gray mouse. ”

While some people criticize her choices, the influencer said she’s happy with how she looks today.


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