Milo Ventimiglia Celebrates Niles Fitch’s Graduation in Style!

While the hit show ‘This Is Us’ may have come to an end in 2022, Milo Ventimiglia is still proving he’s a supportive TV dad in real life! Recently, the talented actor attended the graduation of his onscreen son, Niles Fitch, from the University of Southern California.

In a heartwarming photo shared on Instagram Stories, Ventimiglia, along with fellow cast member Hannah Zeile, captured a candid moment with the newly graduated Fitch. As Fitch looked confidently into the distance, Ventimiglia sported a serious expression, while Zeile beamed at the camera. It was a heartwarming sight that reflected the close bond they share even after the show’s end.

Zeile also took to her Instagram Stories to celebrate the milestone achievement. In the photo, everyone was grinning with pride as Ventimiglia held Fitch’s diploma behind his back. Zeile captioned the post, “Congratulations @nilesfitch,” accompanied by a series of celebratory emojis including a graduation cap, champagne bottle, crossed fingers, and a red heart.

‘This Is Us’ aired on NBC from September 2016 to May 2022, captivating audiences with its beautiful storytelling. The show revolved around the lives of the Pearson family, including siblings Kevin, Kate, and Randall, and their parents Rebecca and Jack. With its multiple timelines and emotional narratives, the series struck a chord with viewers of all generations.

In a heartfelt interview, Ventimiglia revealed how his own father influenced his portrayal of Jack Pearson, the beloved patriarch, on ‘This Is Us.’ Reflecting on the similarities between his father and Jack, Ventimiglia shared, “My father and Jack Pearson were of the same era – both born in the 1940s, both Vietnam vets. I saw in Jack the way that my father was with my sisters and me.” He further expressed that playing Jack allowed him to be a version of his own dad, and the “big three” siblings represented his own experiences.

To stay connected to his dad’s caring and strong persona, Ventimiglia kept a touching memento on set. In his trailer, he had a photo of himself and his dad when he was a young child, with the caption, ‘Be a good husband, be a good father.’ Looking at it every day helped Ventimiglia embody the right mindset to portray Jack’s character authentically.

If you missed out on ‘This Is Us’ during its initial run, now is the perfect opportunity to experience the touching family drama. The show is available for streaming on Netflix, offering a chance to be captivated by the emotional storytelling and heartfelt performances that made it such a beloved series.


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