Michael Jackson’s Ghost: The Haunting Story Behind His Former Mansion

Michael Jackson was not only known for his iconic music and dance moves, but also for his extravagant and unique sense of style. His homes were no exception, filled with incredible features and luxurious amenities. However, there is one particular property that has a haunting story attached to it.

The Holmby Hills home, where Michael Jackson tragically passed away in 2009, had been on the market for years before being sold. Real estate agent Mauricio Umansky, who played a key role in the sale, believes that it was Michael’s ghost that helped seal the deal.

Umansky recently appeared on TMZ Live to discuss his new book, “The Dealmaker,” where he dives into his experiences selling the infamous mansion. According to Umansky, there were numerous strange occurrences and an eerie presence felt throughout the house.

On one occasion, Umansky sealed all the windows and doors of the property, only to return and find a window open and music playing in the very room where Michael had passed away. In another incident, a chandelier inexplicably broke in front of a potential buyer, leaving them too spooked to continue with the purchase.

Despite these eerie encounters, Umansky managed to find a buyer for the house in 2012, selling it for $18.1 million. Before the sale, he admits to having said a prayer, asking for Michael’s spirit to assist him in the transaction. And according to Umansky, it seemingly worked.

It’s important to note that Michael Jackson never technically owned the Holmby Hills mansion. At the time of his death, he was renting it for a hefty $100,000 per month. The property was originally listed for $38 million by its owners, Hubert Guez and his wife Roxanne Guez, who were renting it to the pop star while waiting for a buyer.

After years on the market and several price reductions, Umansky finally facilitated the sale to Steven Mayer, a senior managing director of a private investment firm. Although the mansion sold for $20 million less than the initial asking price, Mayer may have scored a great deal considering its incredible features.

The Holmby Hills mansion boasts an impressive 17,000 square feet of living space, including 7 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. It also features 12 working fireplaces, a home theatre, a wine cellar, an elevator, a spa, and a gym. And let’s not forget the outdoor amenities, which include a guest house, a pool, and 1.3 acres of land.

So, whether you believe in ghosts or not, there’s no denying the fascinating and haunting story behind Michael Jackson’s former mansion. It’s a reminder that even after death, MJ’s presence continues to captivate and intrigue.


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