Mia Farrow responds to “vicious rumors”

On Wednesday, Mia Farrow addressed “vicious rumors” regarding the passing of three of her 14 children on Twitter.

She added, “Few families are flawless, and any family who has lost a child knows that suffering is cruel and never-ending. However, several cruel allegations about the lives of my three children have surfaced online and are based on untruths. I’m sending this letter in memory of them, their children, and all families who have experienced the loss of a child.

Farrow, 76, continued by outlining what she claims led up to the murders of three of her adoptive kids: Tam, Lark, and Thaddeus.

Tam, according to Farrow, died at the age of 17 after accidentally overdosing on a prescription medication that was “connected to the excruciating headaches she endured, and her heart disease.”

Lark, who Farrow described as “an extraordinary woman, a beautiful daughter, sister, partner, and mother to her own children,” passed away at age 35 due to complications from HIV/AIDS that she had acquired from a prior boyfriend.

Farrow reported that Thaddeus passed away at the age of 29. The family was “anticipating a wedding” and he was living with his girlfriend, but “when the relationship abruptly ended, he took his own life,” she wrote.

These horrors are beyond words, Farrow said. Any additional theories concerning their deaths would be disrespectful to their lives and the lives of their loved ones, including their children.

The article comes in the wake of “Allen v. Farrow,” a four-part HBO documentary that explores Dylan Farrow’s claim that her adoptive father, director Woody Allen, assaulted her as a kid. Allen has consistently refuted the charge.

The video does not address Farrow’s three adopted children’s deaths, which are mentioned in an article from 2018 that has gained attention as a result of the documentary. Moses Farrow, a different adoptive kid of Allen and Farrow, wrote the piece.

Moses Farrow vehemently supported Allen in the essay following Dylan Farrow’s in-depth account of the sexual assault in her January 2018 interview with “CBS This Morning.”

Furthermore, he charged Mia Farrow with torturing her adopted children.

Moses noted that “Soon-Yi was her most frequent scapegoat.” In the 1990s, Soon-Yi Previn, the adopted child of Farrow and musician André Previn, started dating Allen. Since 1997, Previn, 50, and Allen, 85, have been wed.

Others weren’t as fortunate as Previn, Moses said, who was able to “leave.”

He claimed Tam overdosed on pills and committed suicide, and he blamed his mother in part for Thaddeus and Lark’s demise.

“This is an attempt to deflect from a serious allegation made by an adult lady, by trying to impugn my mother who has only ever been supportive of me and my brothers,” Dylan Farrow wrote in reaction to the article on Twitter.

The biological son of Farrow and Allen, Ronan Farrow, defended his mother as well.

It’s not worth saying much to respect the ongoing effort to discredit my sister, which frequently involves criticizing our mother, the man stated. The only thing I can say is that my mother did a remarkable job raising us and that none of my siblings whom I’ve spoken to have ever experienced anything other than love and care from a single mom who went through hell to keep her kids safe.

“I am grateful to be the mother of fourteen children who have gifted me with sixteen grandchildren,” Mia Farrow wrote in her post on Wednesday.

“Even though we have experienced grief, we now live happy, loving lives. Everyone has their own struggles to overcome and their own sorrows to endure.

“Love you Mom,” Dylan Farrow said almost immediately.


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