Meghan Markle’s gesture when she arrived next to the QUEEN’S coffin

After attending the state funeral for Prince Harry’s grandmother at Westminster Abbey with her husband, Meghan Markle expressed her appreciation to Queen Elizabeth II. The event was held in honor of Harry’s late grandmother.

On Wednesday (local time), Meghan, along with other members of the Royal Family, showed her support for the Duke of Sussex by attending the emotional ceremony.

The woman, who was a mother of two, was photographed curtseying gracefully in front of Her Majesty’s casket while wearing a black dress and a fascinator that matched her ensemble.

It was said that photographs were taken of Prince Harry standing next to his grandmother while he lowered his head as a sign of respect.

In homage to Queen Elizabeth, Meghan finished off her appearance by adding a touch of shimmering jewelry to the low bun she wore to pull her hair back.

According to reports, the late monarch had given the 41-year-old woman a pair of pearl and diamond earrings as a gift. The woman wore the earrings for the royal funeral.

Throughout the years, the Queen has been known to generously lend and give jewelry to her female relatives. In 2018, the Queen gave Meghan a pair of diamond stud earrings that had been loaned to her by the Queen.

After Meghan’s heartfelt gestures, a candid photo was taken of her and Prince Harry holding hands as they walked out of Westminster Hall.

As the pair mourned the passing of the monarch who held the record for the longest reign in the history of Great Britain, they were photographed having an intimate moment with one another.

The public display of devotion stood out amongst other royal couples, notably Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, who stood with their arms by their sides during the event.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex abdicated their royal responsibilities in 2020 so that they may go to California with their two children, Archie, who is three years old, and Lilibet, who is one year old.

In honor of the Sovereign, Meghan and Prince Harry decided to honor Her Majesty by giving their daughter the name Lilibet, which was a nickname given to Her Majesty when she was a little kid.

On Monday, September 19, the pair will pay their last respects to Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey, which will be holding the burial services for the monarch.


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