Meet Mark, a straight & happily married guy who loves wearing high heels and skirts on a daily basis

Mark Bryan is a 61-year-old engineer from Germany who isn’t afraid to challenge gender stereotypes.

While high heels were initially intended for men to add height and fashion in the 10th century, they have obviously become associated almost exclusively with women.

Mark is one of many modern men who are reclaiming the popular type of shoe for those other than those of us who were born female.

Mark Bryan is a father of three who works as a robotics engineer. He splits most of his time between his family and work. To look at him, you wouldn’t immediately assume he has a social media following, but the German native has recently created a buzz on the Internet with his bold outfits and images.

Mark recently garnered an impressive following on Instagram of almost 660,000 users with his posts. His looks often consist of pumps, boots, and skirts. In his posts, Mark talks about how normal his clothing choices are.

The engineer believes that clothes should have no gender. He tends to choose skirts over dresses so that he can wear more traditionally “masculine” tops. Fairly, he believes that items like skirts provide a wider range of variety than the typical slacks or pants most men wear to work.

Mark’s children support his efforts, especially since he raised them with the understanding that clothes are not indicative of sexuality or gender. His daughter is one of his biggest fans and looks forward to the day she can borrow some of her father’s clothing items. His wife also supports his choices and even helps him pick out outfits.

Not everyone is as understanding, of course. Mark has faced various negative comments online and in person. He often reminds others that they wouldn’t be making these comments or asking these questions if he were wearing traditional pants.

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