Lynda Carter, ‘Wonder Woman,’ Honors Late Husband Months After His Passing

Earlier this year, gaming CEO Robert A. Altman passed away at the age of 73 due to a complication after a medical procedure. He is “Wonder Woman” star Lynda Carter’s husband of 37 years.

Someone close to the family recently shared that Altman’s grieving wife is doing her best to honor him months after he died.

Altman’s death was so unexpected. He just had a medical procedure done and the world was shocked when the news came that he passed away in the hospital. According to the source, Carter had a hard time accepting that her husband is gone.

In an interview with Closer Weekly, the friend said, “He was pretty healthy. But the surgical procedure had complications, and that’s what caused his death.” In fact, Carter is still living in their 20,000-square-foot Georgian-style mansion that she shared with her late husband. The source said, “She still loves it there.”

After her husband passed away, Carter continued to receive support from Altman’s children – James, 33, and Jessica, 27. According to reports, Carter is especially close to her daughter.

The friend shared, “They recorded a duet together. Lynda loves performing with her and attending her shows. Jessica has one coming up in late September in NYC, and Lynda will definitely be there. She’ll probably get on stage with Jessica, too.”

Through this difficult time, music has played a huge role in helping Carter to heel. She said, “Singing is in my soul. I was on the road performing in my teens and traveled from the Catskills to Las Vegas and from San Francisco to the saloons in Texas.”

The friend agreed, saying, “She’s all about being creative, and making music is a priority.”

Like other wives who suddenly lost their husbands, Carter still misses Altman every single day. Talking about the couple’s love for each other, the source shared, “Robert worshipped Lynda, and she adored him.

They shared a very special bond. Lynda misses the little things the most. She misses waking up with Robert, making coffee, taking long walks, sitting beside him, and just talking to him. Lynda misses all of it.”

The source said that her friends wanted to set her up with other men, but Carter feels that it’s way too soon to start dating and find love again. “Friends are always asking when they can fix her up. She’s not ready,” the source shared.

Carter is just trying to stay positive these days. Though it is difficult to move on, the friend says that Carter just needs more time. “She says he’s always with her. And she honors him every day in her prayers, her music, and the time she spends with their children.”

Losing a loved one, grieving, and moving on is not easy process. Nobody is able to forget right away. And for the former Wonder Woman, there is no doubt that her husband’s passing was a tough reality to accept.

Simply because his death was totally unexpected. Although complications happen after a medical procedure, death, as a result, is usually rare.

This must be a difficult time for Lynda Carter. But with the help and support from her family and friends, sooner or later she will find peace in her heart.

May we all continue to pray for her.


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