Life is not fair. However, she’s the only one you have. She’s good.

It is quite difficult not to feel wronged when you see that lying, insensibility and evil triumph and goodness, faith and common sense are not appreciated. It’s hard to see that no matter how hard you try to do, there will always be more than happy people to hurt you as long as they have something to gain …. but our life is not as miserable as it is. presents in such situations, but on the contrary!


Our existence is the only one we have, and the way we choose to live it we choose. We can run for glory, recognition from people, we can strive to do things just for the sake of being appreciated by others … we can do our best to stand out, to have functions and power, to amass wealth .


Our existence is beautiful when we see how free we really are, when we realize that we are not slaves to people and money. We are free when we leave everything in God’s hands and live our lives according to His Word …. It is possible. Once we choose to follow Him, life will remain the same for those around us, evil will continue to exist, it will even multiply, but you will realize that you are not really alone. When you are aware of how much He loves you and that He answers your prayers, that He is always by your side, you will have everything.


Life is not right here, because it is very difficult for us to give up our own pride in order to please Him … It is very difficult to have patience, to turn the other cheek when you are hit, but in the end, God it will pay off … and when you see it, you will understand why nothing in this world mattered. However, are you willing to give up the things that keep you connected to this world, to this earthly nature that demands to come to the surface, in order to receive true happiness? Do you need to recognize imperfect humans when you have God by your side? The life you have is good. Can you see that?


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