Jackie Chan’s Unexpected Family Drama

Jackie Chan, the beloved martial arts movie star, has captured the hearts of many with his incredible skills and on-screen charisma. Recently, a heartwarming video featuring Jackie Chan and a young woman, presumed to be his daughter, went viral, leaving fans touched by their emotional connection. However, the truth behind this touching moment has now been revealed, and it is quite shocking.

In the viral video, Jackie Chan stands alongside a woman while watching old videos of himself performing stunts in movies. The woman tearfully expresses her admiration for Chan, prompting him to become emotional as well. This heartwarming father-daughter moment resonated with people all over social media, garnering immense love and support.

However, it has since come to light that the woman in the video is not Jackie Chan’s daughter. Instead, she is actress Liu Haocun, and the scene is from Chan’s recent movie, “Ride On.” In reality, Jackie Chan’s estranged daughter is named Etta Ng Chok Lam. Etta has publicly stated that her father has abandoned her, allegedly because of her sexual orientation. This revelation has brought to light a complex and strained relationship between father and daughter.

Etta has shared the heartbreaking details of her life, including periods of destitution and homelessness, despite her father’s immense wealth. Jackie Chan fathered Etta with beauty pageant queen Elaine Ng Yi-lei during an extramarital affair in 1999, while already being married to his wife Joan Lin since 1982.

When confronted about his affair, Jackie Chan admitted his wrongdoing, saying, “I’m not a saint. I’ve done something wrong. I’ve done something that many men in the world have done. Maybe it was a moment of playfulness.” However, he has not addressed Etta’s accusations of him being homophobic, which allegedly drive the estrangement between them.

The mistaken belief that the viral video featured Jackie Chan and his daughter sparked a wave of support and goodwill for the actor. Yet, it is crucial to remember the complex reality of their relationship. Etta’s allegations against her father, her challenging life circumstances, and the ongoing lack of reconciliation between them paint a different picture.

It’s essential to shed light on this heartbreaking situation that many people may not be aware of. Share this article with others to spread awareness about Jackie Chan’s estranged daughter and the complex family dynamics that exist behind the scenes.


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