Is this dress suitable for a wedding?

A TikToker from the UK unintentionally stirred up controversy when she suggested a dress as a perfect choice for a wedding guest. At first glance, the dress appears to be a long sage green dress with stunning floral embroidery. However, many people disagreed, stating that it was a terrible choice for a wedding because the color was so pale that it resembled white. Wearing white to a wedding is generally considered impolite, as it takes attention away from the central couple. But the dress wearer, Lauren Candy, known as @laurencandy3 on TikTok, failed to see the problem with her dress.

Is This Dress Appropriate For a Wedding?

In Western culture, wearing white to a wedding is seen as rude. The primary reason for this is that white is traditionally reserved for the couple, especially the bride, who typically wears a white gown on their wedding day. Guests or family members who wear white without the couple’s permission are considered attention-seekers trying to steal the spotlight away from the bride. It’s important to remember that not everyone attending the wedding may personally know the bride, so they might mistake another guest in white for the bride. The wedding day is all about celebrating the couple, and it’s generally frowned upon to do anything that might divert attention away from them. However, there is some debate when it comes to pale colors.


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“We often see brides choosing light blush, champagne, and ivory dresses,” says Kirsten Gutowski of Willoughby Golf Club. “So it’s safer for guests to opt for dresses in other colors.” This raises questions about whether very light pink, faded blue, and even green should also be avoided. The dress in question is from ASOS’ Bridesmaid collection and is called the cami embellished midi dress with embroidery in sage green. However, many commenters insisted that it looked white.

The White vs. Green Debate

One commenter wrote, “It’s really pretty, but I wouldn’t wear it to a wedding.” Many others agreed, stating that the dress was too close to white. Another commenter suggested that it would be suitable for a bride in a simple country or beach wedding if it were a darker color. Some people believe it’s better to play it safe and avoid any dress that even remotely resembles white. Another person agreed and added, “My rule for weddings is if you have to wonder if it’s too close to white… it’s too close to white.”

On the other hand, some commenters argued that the dress was indeed green, but it appeared white on camera. They emphasized that there are plenty of other colors to choose from and that it’s not necessary to wear a dress like this. However, many commenters seemed confused by the debate. One person wrote, “Why is everyone saying it’s close to white? IT’S LITERALLY GREEN!!!” Another added, “Why is everyone getting offended as if it’s their wedding? It’s definitely green.” Some dismissed the idea that the color was too close to white, stating that no one would mistake this dress for a bride’s dress.

“Let’s Prove It’s Green”

After dealing with enough debate, Lauren Candy decided to put an end to it once and for all. She posted another video with the caption, “Y’all are making me doubt my eyesight now, so let’s prove it’s green.” In the video, she showed the dress lying on a bed with a white shirt placed on top of it. In the background, she confidently stated, “This dress seems to be causing a fair bit of controversy. To prove to the internet that I know my colors, this is a white top, and this is the dress, clearly green. Personally, if someone wore this to my wedding, I’d think they look beautiful… but of course, everyone has their own opinions.”

While many people agreed that the dress appeared green, others remained unconvinced. Some argued that on camera, it looks white, and lighting conditions at a wedding are beyond the control of the dress wearer. Another person mentioned that photographers often edit photos and apply filters that make dresses like this look white, even if they aren’t! However, many viewers concluded that anyone uncertain about a wedding guest dress should consult with the bride and respect her wishes.


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