Instead Of Nagging At Him, Do These Things So He Will Never Get Bored With You

Most relationships are in danger because of the way women nags. There are better ways to pass across information to your partner instead of nagging and making your relationship suffer because of your nagging attitude.

Here are productive things you can do to get your message across to your man, rather than nag your man.

1. Don’t insist that things be done to your timetable

You will get things done more and faster when he is ready for it. Tell him what you want and not give him deadlines for it.

2. Soften your approach

When you want your partner to do something for you or you want to talk about something important, simply softening your words and approach. There’s no need to shout about it.

3. Acknowledge what he does

Showing appreciation for things your partner has done for you goes a long way in a relationship. We all like to be appreciated, so complimenting him will make him do more things for you in the future.

4. See things from his point of view

Show him that you understand him and see things from his own perspective too when complaining about anything.

5. Break him down with kindness

Guys don’t like it when they are being ordered around; they like their ego being stroked. “Tell him how well he does things and how much you appreciate him, then give him a big kiss and tell him how much you love him. He will be in just the right frame of mind to help out with anything you want, once he has been told how wonderful he is”.


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