In never-before-seen wedding pictures, Salma Hayek radiates beauty.

Fans are now getting a more personal look inside Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault’s wedding, which comes after the couple has been married for more than ten years and is said to be very content with their union.

A preview of the photographer Mario Testino’s forthcoming book, I LOVE YOU, which is a celebration of weddings, was shared on social media by the photographer.

He began by displaying a series of photographs of the Oscar-nominated actress on the day of her own wedding, during which she can be seen donning a satin white corset in one of the images.

Her makeup had been done up to give her the appearance of a blushing bride as she peered off-camera to ensure that preparations were proceeding without a hitch.

In addition to one photograph that showed two distinct gowns being hung on a rod, there was a third black and white photograph that showed the celebrity being dressed in a stunning ball gown.

In his written explanation, Mario provided the following reasons for shooting these photographs: “I have spent the last ten to fifteen years giving the majority of my friends who have gotten married the photographs of them right before they enter the church with their new spouse.

“This has been the ideal present for the wedding: that enchanted moment just before the couple is going to celebrate their union, surrounded by people who love them,”

He proceeded by saying: “Wedding photographers in Naples, which is a town where I have spent a significant amount of time, begin their work the day before the wedding and continue far after the reception has ended – the session lasts the entire day.

“I’ve even seen them post pictures of their breakfast on Instagram the morning after the event. The events surrounding a bride have such a significant impact on a family “After concluding, he was met with a large number of heart and flame emojis in the part reserved for comments from Salma’s and his own admirers.

Salma and Francois had their first wedding on Valentine’s Day in Paris in 2009, and then a few months later, they held a second, more elaborate ceremony in Venice, where they invited their family and some of their celebrity friends.


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