In a deserted home, the mother abandons her one-year-old child.

Sometimes, life prepares some unexpected surprises. It can change the whole universe around and flip everything upside down. One young woman from Russia, for instance, recently learned that the members of her original family are eager to get to know her and bring her back with them.

There is already a narrative on our site about Liza Verbitskaya, who is from the city of Yaroslavl in Russia.

People in the neighborhood kept hearing a baby crying coming from one of the homes, but at first they didn’t think there was any cause for concern because young children have a tendency to cry. This is how everything got started.

But a short time later, the law enforcement agents found out that the house was empty with the exception of a young child. She went by the name Liza Verbitskaya at the time, and she had not yet reached her first birthday.

She was checked out by medical professionals at the hospital as soon as she was brought there. It was discovered that she had a shattered hip in addition to being quite fatigued.

It was impossible to locate her parents, and after she was discharged from the hospital, she was going to be placed in an orphanage.

Liza’s biological mother:

Nevertheless, a miracle occurred, and Liza was given a loving home by Inna, a woman who adopted her and brought her up as if she were her own biological daughter despite the fact that Inna already had two sons of her own.

Liza’s adoptive mother:

After learning about Liza’s accomplishments in her professional life, her biological mother made the decision to take her daughter back.

They discussed the situation while they were on the Russian television show “Pust Govoryat.”

In addition, Liza’s adopted mother was curious about the girl’s nationality and was interested in gathering some information about her childhood.

Zhanna, Liza’s biological mother, stated that she has never abused Liza, despite the fact that the Child Protective Services took her away against her will during the course of the show.

Zhanna is a single mother who is responsible for all eight of her children. She also mentioned that she and her family, in addition to Liza, are of Roma nationality

Zhanna also claimed that she is willing to go to any lengths in order to bring Liza back to her residence. On the other hand, Liza is the one who must make the ultimate decision from a legal aspect.


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