If you don’t decide from the beginning where you want to go, you will wake up where you never wanted to go.

It is important to know what you want. Ever since you set off, determine your destination, no matter how far away it is and no matter how difficult the road to get there. Maybe you will think that it is beyond your powers, maybe you will think that it will be impossible for you. Maybe you’ll believe anything, as long as that argument holds you back from your success.


I want to briefly tell a little story that I heard a long time ago: a man once managed, for a long time, to do something impossible. Then everyone wondered around him and asked him how such a thing was possible. He replied very dryly: “I didn’t know it was impossible.” So it is with us, but there is a secret that we can apply to lift our barriers that do not allow us to see how valuable we are: to set goals, which together form the path to “destination”.


At first, we are very likely to be frightened by the greatness of the dream we have and to think with horror about what is to come. If we decide to go beyond that moment, to move forward even if everything seems to be beyond us, we will always find the next step to take. It is important to know from the beginning at least the advance, at least the first 3-4 steps we have to follow, because then they will come naturally, they will build from each other and so on until the end. Dream like crazy and do not leave for a second the thought that you will succeed, even if sometimes you will find it more convenient to give up.


Will we still be scared when we get there? Will we regret that we have put in so much work to achieve our ideal? Will we be sad that we managed to emerge victorious? I honestly don’t think so. I still have it, but I don’t stop dreaming. I invite you to do the same and share your success stories!


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