I loved him for a lifetime and I forgot him in a second so I could love the present.

Call me a scorpion, but I don’t love you today. After so many years in which I carried you in my soul, now I can tell you nonchalantly that I do not want to hear from you again, even if until yesterday I could not perceive the meaning of these words. You can drive me crazy, you can think I’m playing, you can think I’m lying, it’s strictly your problem. The only thing you would do well to understand is that I am happy, and my happiness does not include you.


It seems hard to believe, but a woman can love you for a month, a year, a life … and she can forget you in a second. How? Because she realizes she’s not happy with you. Unfortunately, every woman has her own rhythm and it can take a while for her to be able to talk honestly with herself and break away from the past that only torments her in every moment of the present. The power of these beings is incredible, but before they discover this, they must open their eyes wide and see that their present can mean more than some unpleasant memories that they do not leave behind.


“Whatever our torments and triumphs, no matter how much we suffer, far too soon they all scatter, like too thin an ink on paper.” This is how a love that now brings us nothing but suffering is scattered. The more we understand that suffering and torment are just fleeting events in our lives, the more we will detach ourselves, make life easier and appreciate the beauty of a present cleansed of all that has ever hurt us.


Love the present by leaving all those who made you suffer in the past. Especially on him. Let him not appreciate you … or let him realize what he lost. Let him enjoy your absence … or cry that he wants you back. It’s easy to live beautifully, but for that you need to want to detach yourself from the past, to fight with the fear of the unknown that is only in your head and to love again, but this time someone who deserves you. That second in which you decide to be happy will change your life, but only you decide when it will be!


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