I Dream Of Jeannie’s Barbara Eden Recalls Her Strong Bond With Late Co-Star Larry Hagman

“I Dream of Jeannie” is an American fantasy sitcom television series. This was created based on the original characters that were created by Sidney Sheldon.

The show starred Barbara Eden as a sultry, 2,000-year-old genie, and Larry Hagman, who played the role of an astronaut that the genie falls in love with and eventually marries.

It has been over five decades since the sitcom went off the air. Still, this is loved by millions of fans even up to this day.

Barbara Eden talked with Fox News about the close bond that she shared with her late costar Larry Hagman. He died in 2012 at the age of 81. The 90-year-old shared, “You can’t describe it.

It’s either there or it isn’t. And of course, with us, it was there. We had the same rhythm. We laughed at the same things. It was just there. We didn’t have to work at it.”

When the legendary actress was asked what her favorite memory is from her time on set, Eden excitedly said, “Oh my goodness, I have so many.

I have told this story many times, but it always makes me laugh. We had a lion as a guest one time. I had done a film at Fox Studios and I had worked with a lion, a young male lion.

I learned from the trainer on set that you’re supposed to go over and make friends with the lion. Let them know you’re not a threat. They’re not at all an animal to be played with. ”

She adds, “So when I knew we had a lion coming up, I was prepared. I knew they always used a male lion, mainly because they’re lazy. They’re not aggressive like the females. They’re very happy as long as they’re fed and everything is nice, calm, and sweet around them.

And as long as you don’t run – you never run around a lion because it’s like a kitty cat. He wants to play with the ball in the yard, but a lion is 800 pounds or more and can really break your leg. ”

Eden further shared, “So I knew I had to go over there and let the lion know who I am. I went to Larry and said, ‘Larry, we have to go over and make friends with the lion. ’ And he said, ‘I’m not making friends with any blankety-blank lion. ’ I said, ‘Well, you better. ’ He didn’t do it.

I rehearsed with the lion. They put some meat nearby and the lion ate it. He looked around and was very, very happy. We did that several times.”

Before the interview ended, Eden concluded, saying, “Then they brought in Larry. At first, the lion did a double-take and then he roared, just roared at him. It was the loudest roar I’ve ever heard. Larry ran like mad, but so did every single man on that set. They broke the camera.

They knocked over the set, just running. Meanwhile, I was sitting on the sofa. I couldn’t move. The lion then came over, put his head on my lap, and began to purr like this little machine. ”

Barbara Eden is the only main cast member of “I Dream of Jeannie” who is alive today. She was born on Aug. 23, 1931, in Tucson, Arizona.


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