How to Properly Use Cabinets Above Your Fridge

When arranging your kitchen, we often miss out on an incredibly useful area – the cabinets above your refrigerator. These cabinets can be a hidden treasure for decluttering your kitchen and optimizing your storage space.

Store Small Kitchen Appliances

A popular way to utilize the cabinets above your fridge is to store small kitchen appliances that aren’t used daily. Think of blenders, food processors, or stand mixers. These items tend to take up valuable counter space, but when stored above your fridge, they are out of sight yet within reach when needed.

Basket Storing for Organization

Want to keep your cabinets neat and tidy? Consider using baskets. They’re perfect for organizing items like snack bags, kitchen gadgets, or baking supplies. Plus, they add a charming touch to your kitchen’s decor.

Cookware Accessories

If you love cooking, you’ll value the extra space for cookware accessories. Items like pot lids, baking sheets, or even a stack of cutting boards can be stored in these cabinets. It’s an efficient way to free up space in cabinets that are easier to reach.

Installing Additional Shelves or Adjustable Racks

To maximize these cabinets, think about installing extra shelves or adjustable racks. This customization allows you to create storage solutions tailored to your needs. Adjust the height for taller items or add more shelves for smaller ones.

source: HeartWork Organizing

Bulk Items and Kitchen Linens

Have you ever wondered where to store those bulk items you bought during a sale? The cabinets above your fridge can be the perfect spot. Whether it’s a stash of canned goods, extra paper towels, or those bulky cereal boxes, these cabinets can accommodate them.

Also, consider storing kitchen linens like dish towels, pot holders, and cloth napkins there. Roll them up neatly and tuck them away – they’ll be handy when needed.

Seasonal Items and Special Occasions

When holidays and special occasions approach, you’ll appreciate having extra storage space. Use the cabinets above your fridge to store seasonal items like holiday-themed dishes, tablecloths, or decorations. They’ll stay out of the way until it’s time to celebrate.

Those cabinets above your refrigerator are a goldmine of storage potential. From small kitchen appliances to bulk items and seasonal decorations, these cabinets help you declutter and organize your kitchen. Think about adding adjustable shelves or racks to enhance their usability, and don’t overlook the convenience of using baskets for easy organization.

So, next time you’re in your kitchen, take a peek at the space above your fridge, and start making the most of it. You’ll be amazed at how it can transform your kitchen storage and make your life a bit more organized.


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