How to make your current love more beautiful than any other

It is said that “First love is never forgotten.” I will not deny this, because we are people with memories that we cannot give “Delete”, as we do with computer files. However, I will tell you the secret (I don’t know if I invented it or not, but I know it worked for me) that will miraculously make her come out of your life, so that her memory will no longer disturb your present. .

The first love, indeed, is beautiful because it usually happens during adolescence, when you don’t worry, when everything is beautiful and all you have to do is live life to the fullest. There is also the possibility that this first love will happen later and have a greater impact on you. Rest assured, there is “treatment” on the side effects of this “first love” whenever it happens! And this is simple. I will briefly describe it in the following lines.

In the case of a former love: something didn’t work (because otherwise you were still together). What you have to do is sit still and think about what would happen if the relationship continued. Maybe the breakup would have happened later, after the ties were closer. Then the breakup would have hurt a lot harder … Or maybe you would have sworn an oath to that person. Then it would have been even more painful, because maybe there would have been children, not just feelings that would prevent you from breaking a connection that is no longer working. The conclusion would be that the first step is to rejoice that it was interrupted at that time and not later, because if it is not meant to be, it will never be.


Step two is a harder idea, it takes time, but only then the transition is complete and you can really enjoy the current relationship … or the future, if it doesn’t exist at the moment. FORGIVE everything and forgive for good. Is difficult. Maybe the first interaction with love left ugly marks on your soul, but forgive, accept that it was not love, but just a stage of life from which you had something to learn … and forgive. Forgiveness makes you free … It’s hard to forgive, I’m not going to lie, but that’s how I succeeded and now I live a more beautiful love story than in books.


My dear, you can make your painful past no longer fall on you, no longer influence you … it is your choice if you will act or leave the still unhealed wounds to affect your present and future.


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