He woke up one morning and saw that his leg was brown.

Michael Onorati, 35, is a hard-working man, so when he came home from work one day, he fell asleep with his socks on because of the fatigue of forgetting to take them off.

When he woke up and took off his socks, he was stunned – his right leg was a strange color, a kind of orange to black.

He searched the Internet to get an idea of ​​what he might have, leading him to believe that he had some kind of foot infection or even Raynaud’s disease.

The moment he wanted to call for help, his girlfriend entered the room, and when she realized what was happening she started laughing hysterically.

“After I almost got scared this morning because I thought I was dealing with Raynaud’s syndrome, I find out that my girlfriend decided to use my socks as an applicator for the tanning lotion,” he wrote on Facebook.

Stephanie, his girlfriend, says he used the socks, then turned them upside down and put them in Michael’s drawer.

The poor man was terribly scared, but for fun he posted the crazy event on Facebook, gathering over 125,000 likes and comments.


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