German Actor Eric Braeden Opens Up About His Battle with Disease

In a heartfelt video shared on Friday, renowned German actor Eric Braeden revealed that he is currently undergoing immunotherapy treatment for cancer. The 82-year-old opened up about his diagnosis during a Facebook Live session, shedding light on his personal journey in the hopes of inspiring and supporting others going through similar challenges.

Braeden, known for his Emmy-winning portrayal of Victor Newman on the long-running soap opera The Young and the Restless, encountered prostate issues while recovering from knee-replacement surgery. During a routine check-up, high-grade cancer cells were discovered near his bladder, leading to the diagnosis.

“I hate to be this personal, but I think this may be good for some older guys who may or may not listen to this,” shared Braeden sincerely. His willingness to share such a personal struggle is a testament to his desire to connect with and encourage older individuals who may be facing health concerns.

Before the cancer diagnosis, Braeden had been seeking medical assistance for prostate problems and was scheduled for a UroLift procedure. However, the discovery of cancer cells prompted a more extensive approach. He underwent surgery to remove the cancer cells and began a six-week immunotherapy plan.

Despite the challenges he faces, Braeden is determined to overcome cancer and return to full health. “I’ve learned now to listen to my body more and not go all out,” he emphasized. His commitment to taking care of himself serves as an inspiration to others to prioritize their well-being and seek medical assistance when needed.

In his heartfelt message, Braeden appealed to his fans to support their loved ones when facing such battles. “Whenever you have someone in the family who goes through this, support them. It can work out,” he expressed optimistically. The actor also highlighted the significant advancements in cancer treatments and the increased chances of survival in today’s medical landscape.

Despite his health struggles, Braeden remains passionate about his work on The Young and the Restless, a role he has held since 1980. He expressed gratitude for the distraction and fulfillment that acting brings to his life. “I still am happy to be able to go to work. It distracts me. I love knowing that I entertain people,” he shared wholeheartedly.

As we send our well-wishes to Eric Braeden, let us also hope for a future where cancer is no longer a burden in our world. If you have known someone who has battled cancer, please share this article to raise awareness and spread support. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by this disease.


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