Free to speak!

There are no perfect people, but there are people. There are no perfect relationships, but there are beautiful, mature relationships, based on respect, trust and love. There are romantic relationships and friendships.

Talk about what you like and what you don’t like. God does not tell us to keep secrets, God teaches us to talk about our sins … because that is the only way He can forgive us. He even forgives us serious things. It is not God who teaches us to hide our mistakes, but He teaches us to bring them to the surface and ask for forgiveness for them. Everything you try to hide, you must be aware that it is not hidden from God. We must trust to talk openly with God about everything, and then with the man with whom we share our lives.

You two, in the relationship, talk about anything: even tell yourself the things that go through your head but for which you think you will be judged. Unload your soul immediately after tense situations. Do not postpone serious discussions, because the more you waste time, the more you will forget, the more you will misinterpret what actually happened … and the more things will get complicated.

It is very difficult to bring to light the things that you are ashamed of, that have hurt you, that have offended you, that do not bring you honor, but it is the only way to leave them behind, to heal and you will find forgiveness. In the man next to you, find your help and support and be the same for him. If he is wise enough, he will not run away from you, but will help you hard. People do not run away from you because you are imperfect, and those who still leave you when you need help give you an important lesson: only God is the one who will stay with you even when you are on earth … and I believe one that he can’t wait to help you up. We must thank Him constantly.


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