For 20 years her father had worn the same old green shirt every day

The shirt that Ria’s father wore every day for the past 20 years.

A polo shirt in forest green with a lemon-yellow collar.

Ria, a Japanese woman 24 years old, was perplexed as to why her father would not just go out and purchase anything brand new.

According to what she shared with Buzzfeed News Japan, “When that polo shirt develops a hole in it, he meticulously sews it back together.”

“He puts it on for each function that requires him to look his best, whether it’s a business meeting or a day out with the family.

“I was perplexed as to why he continued to put it on… Why didn’t he just go out and get a whole new one? He never told her.

Ria didn’t find the photo that explained everything until she was going through the possessions of her grandfather, who had passed away, and she was looking for something else.

It was a picture of her father and mother on their honeymoon, and her father was wearing the same green and gold shirt he had worn throughout her entire life in the picture.

Ria’s mother passed away from cancer 18 years ago, when Ria was just 5 years old. In the images from their honeymoon, Ria can be seen wearing a shirt that is very similar to the one her new husband is wearing, and the colors correspond to each other.

Ria remarked after discovering the significance of her father’s favorite shirt, “I never expected that the polo shirt would have such a precious memory for him,” when asked about the backstory of the shirt.

Ria announced her finding on Twitter, and since then, her account’s post has been retweeted more than 82,000 times.

She expressed her opinion by saying, “I always thought it was so ‘uncool’ for him to consistently wear the same old polo shirt.”

“However, I’m beginning to realize that I also need to take care of my memories. Nothing of value that belonged to my parents or grandparents will ever be thrown away by me.”

People from all around the world have been moved and reminded by Ria’s story, which illustrates that genuine love can still be found in the modern world.


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