Fond Memories of Princess Diana in Prince William’s Childhood

Prince William recently opened up about a heartwarming memory from his childhood that involves his beloved mother, Princess Diana. It was a time when the back-to-school nerves began to creep in, and Princess Diana had a special way of easing those anxieties for William and his brother, Harry. She would play lively 80s music in the car, creating a comforting and joyful atmosphere for the young princes.

One song in particular holds a special place in Prince William’s heart. It is Tina Turner’s iconic anthem, “The Best.” He fondly recalls sitting in the backseat, singing along with his mother at the top of their voices. Even the police officer who occasionally accompanied them would join in the singing. The music would continue all the way to the school gates, creating a wonderful family moment that Prince William treasures to this day.

Now, whenever Prince William listens to “The Best,” he is instantly transported back to those precious car rides and flooded with cherished memories of his mother. It’s a song that holds immense sentimental value for him, reminding him of the love and happiness they shared.

Princess Diana Would Sing This 80s Song In The Car With Sons William And Harry To Ease Back-To-School Anxieties

In addition to sharing memories about Princess Diana, Prince William also revealed his own morning routine with his family, which also involves music. Each morning, his children, Charlotte and George, engage in a playful rivalry over choosing the morning song. To ensure fairness, William takes turns allowing each of them to pick the song. It has become a lively and joyful start to their day, as they dance, sing, and enjoy one another’s company.

These sweet family traditions highlight the importance of music and the joy it brings to Prince William’s life. Both his childhood memories with Princess Diana and the moments he shares with his own children serve as a beautiful reminder of the love and happiness that family bonds can bring.


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