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Family dumps their loyal pitbull at shelter because “they’re having another baby”

Being surrendered or abandoned is a traumatic experience for any dog. Suddenly, everything they’ve ever known and loved is taken from them and they find themselves in an unfamiliar world with no idea what’s going to happen next.

After years of being nothing but the most loving dog to his mom, dad, and their four kids. Stormy, the 2-year-old Pitbull was abandoned by them at a high-kill shelter. The dog didn’t understand, and neither did the staff at the shelter.

He apparently was just no longer worthy of their love.

With their fifth baby on the way, the family decided that it was time to make room by removing someone else. Little Stormy soon found himself being left by the family he had loved all his life.

Stormy sat waiting for them to come back, but they never did. He fell into a deep depression, and it made it hard for anyone to want to adopt him.

“He spent all of his life with a family with four children, two, dogs — one small, one big — and a cat, Then the woman got pregnant and had her fifth baby, and decided that he was too much.”

The family dropped him off at a busy Brooklyn shelter.

Previously known as Freshy, the shelter renamed him to Stormy. He was terrified and didn’t know what was going on. For the gentle-natured dog, all that was happening was confusing and scary.

“You could see the fear and terror in his eyes in that picture, and you could see how brokenhearted he was,” Guerrini said. “I looked at that face, and it absolutely crushed me.”

Luckily for Stormy, Guerrini spotted his profile and hurried to get him out — but it was a close call.

Stormy had been placed on the euthanasia list at the crowded shelter because they didn’t have the resources to care for more dogs.

“He was due to be put down at 5 o’clock, and it was 4:58 or 4:59 when we got the word that ‘We’ll let you take him, and he’s officially yours and off of death row,’” Guerrini said.

He was just minutes from being put down before he was saved

Guerrini and her 16-year-old son drove down to the shelter and took home Stormy home, where he would live with them until an adoption would be secure for him.

Stormy was grateful to Guerrini and her son and didn’t hesitate to let it be known. As soon as he met them he made sure to smother them both in kisses and cuddles thanking them ‘because he knew he was going to live’.

Guerrini and her son fell in love with Stormy instantaneously. He was gentle, loving, and playful with everyone especially the kids.

“He was wrestling with my son, and my son’s hand went into the dog’s mouth … and the dog left his mouth open and slowly backed his head away so he wouldn’t even scratch him,” Guerrini said. “That’s when I knew that I was madly in love with this dog.

It’s hard for anyone to understand why Stormy was given up, especially Guerrini. Nevertheless, she remains on the look of for the perfect forever family that recognizes how special of a dog stormy really is.

Hopefully, she’ll find them sooner rather than later!

Check out this video of him below:

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