Faith Hill’s beautiful voice might be silenced for good…

Faith Hill Throat Cancer Panic!

Now, pals have revealed the singer’s devoted husband, Tim McGraw, is terrified that he’ll lose her to the dreaded disease!

“Tim is beside himself,” confided an insider.

“Both he and Faith are concerned that if her condition gets any worse, her golden voice will be silenced for good!”

Here’s to hoping that Faith is fine.

Ever since 1993, Faith Hill has been right at the forefront of the country music genre and she has managed to delight our ears with uplifting songs.

As one of the most commercially successful country music artists to ever walk the Earth, Hill has sold over 40 million album units around the world, and she has expanded her repertoire to take on the roe of music producer as well.

Hill and her husband, country singer Tim McGraw, have managed to live a normal life, while also providing a normal living environment for their three girls.

However, there has been some recent speculation that Hill might be undergoing medication for throat cancer. The 49 year old songstress recently cancelled a concert that had been scheduled for the 3rd of August and according to a source, her close friends are concerned that they might be keeping her ailment a secret.

The following statement was released by Faith’s management team:

“Under doctor’s advisement, Faith Hill has been put on two days of vocal rest and unfortunately, the Soul2Soul show in North Little Rock, AR at the Verizon Arena is being canceled. Tim and Faith adore their fans and are so sorry to disappoint them.”

Allegedly, Tim McGraw is afraid that the problem might be worse, and the following statement was shared by a close source:

“Tim is beside himself. Both he and Faith are concerned that if her condition gets any worse, her golden voice will be silenced for good.”

Dr. Stuart Fisher, an internist from New York, explained that throat cancer has an effect on the vocal cords in its early stages.

“That’s the only way you might detect it, as you can’t really feel the larynx since there aren’t really any nerves there. Someone like Faith Hill would no doubt see a throat specialist to have this checked out.

If it’s not cancer, she could develop throat polyps, which can rupture, and really are a singer’s worst fear. Faith needs to take it easy.”

McGraw and Hill performed in Sacramento, California just a few days before the announcement of the cancellation was made and according to various concert-goers, nothing seemed to be wrong with her at that time. One concert-goer said inn Twitter, “I live for concerts like this one”

According to the Sacramento Bee, her fans were unrelenting in their show of support and love for the singer…

“Good lord, Faith Hill still has it. The look, the voice. Does she even age?!”

Through the course of her career, Faith has won five Grammy awards, with her first three coming back in 2000 when she won the awards for Best Country Album for “Breathe”.

She was also awarded with the Best Female Country Vocal Performance awarded for the same song as well as the Best Country Collaboration award for “Let’s Make Love,” a song which she performed with her husband.

In 2002, she won Best Female Country Vocal Performance for the second time, this time for her hit song “Cry”, in 2005, she won Best Country Collaboration with Vocals, again with her husband,, this time for the song “Like We Never Loved at All.”

If it turns out that Hill has cancer her fans are hoping that she recovers quickly and is able to get back on stage doing what she loves.


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