Everyone was moved to tears when this horse came to say goodbye to her dying owner

It was a very heart touching moment and everyone’s eyes were filled with tears when the horse came to…

Sheila Marsh has spent her entire life working at the Park Racecourse. Ever since she was 20 years old, she dedicated all her life to the horses she took care of. Her family knew those magnificent creatures were her great love in life and were proud of the attention and care Sheila gave to the horses over the years.

Unfortunately, Sheila was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 77. On her deathbed, besides her children and loved ones, she asked to see her horses for one last time, especially one mare named Brownen. Sheila was Brownen’s caretaker for almost 20 years and they shared a special bond.

Aware of her mother’s health condition and the little time she had, Sheila’s daughter, Tina, pleaded the staff at the Wigan clinic to let her say one final goodbye to her horses.

They were willing to satisfy Sheila’s dying wish and brought her gurney to the parking area where her beloved horses were eagerly waiting for her.

When the time came for Brownen to meet her friend of many years, she buried her nose in her cheek as though she was trying to kiss her. Sheila felt joy and gathered strength to whisper Brownen’s name.

“Mom had a hard time talking on her last day, but she clearly called Brownen by name and kissed her,” Tina said.

The photo of Sheila and Brownen kissing was a touching one. It showed that love is the most powerful force on Earth.

“I cried, and every one of the medical attendants also cried. She received consolation, it was such a delightful second! She had a very unique relationship with Brownen. She took care of her for 18 or 19 years, since Brownen was 7. It was touching for us all, because it was very vital.”

Witnessing such strong connection between a human and an animal is beyond wonderful.

Sheila couldn’t leave this world without bidding farewell. She had given her horses love, and she received that love back.


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