Everybody knows him from “Dallas”. But few have seen his wife, a ballerina who was 10 years older

Patrick Duffy is best known for playing Bobby Ewing in the CBS primetime soap opera Dallas, although you may have seen him in Man From Atlantis, Too Good To Be True, or even Christmas With A View.

But a guy who has been grieving the loss of his wife, Carlyn Rosser, since her passing in 2017, lies beneath that elegant façade. Even though she might not be there, he still views himself as “married.”

When the now 73-year-old actor was a recent college graduate, their romance first started. “She was a beautiful dancer 10 years older, and I was an immature college graduate touring as a narrator with this ballet production,” he recalled to Fox News.

We got together on the tour bus, and that was it — for good. The instant he laid eyes on his future bride, he knew she was “the one.” The two then got married in 1974, ready to embark on the remainder of their lives’ journey together.

Their two-person family quickly expanded to four when their sons Padraic and Conor were born.

The couple’s common passion of art served as a source of intimacy for 43 years. “My wife was a ballerina, could play concert piano, had great pitch, and led an artistic life. And I was pulled to that from a somewhat limited creative perspective “According to Town and Country Mag, he stated.

“That wasn’t the start of my education; I think my PhD was what really shaped my life starting at the age of 22 when I met her.” He acknowledges that she had a significant impact on his life and that she even introduced him to Buddhism, which helped him cope with the agony of his parents’ violent passing.

He was able to broaden their interests together as a result of his success on the television program Dallas. “Dallas gave me a fantastic opportunity. This is the home that Dallas built, and the gallery is filled with the artwork that Dallas purchased, so it allowed us to focus on what we wanted to do most “explained he. He and their family were shocked by his wife’s passing in 2017 because he had so much affection and a strong bond with her.

“When Mom departed, it came as a surprise, “He told the New York Daily News. “There was nothing to suggest. The major adjustment was thus that. My boys served as stalwarts there.

But I also understood that, despite their best efforts to support old dad, I am probably better suited to this particular situation than they are. The road ahead is far shorter than the road behind once you reach a certain age.”

In the aftermath of nearly five years, “She’s audible to me. The actor told Closer Weekly, “I can see her. “I strive to live up to what I know she would expect of me. Even though I constantly feel her presence, I miss her touch the most. I still see myself as a husband.

He told Fox News that he would treasure all of his memories of his beloved, despite the fact that he must go on. “Life has no mistakes, he declared. If given enough time, I can mend every fence I’ve damaged and add value to everything I’ve accomplished.

I did it, and I’m still doing alright. Life has been good to me despite my efforts to make the most of it.


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