Donnie Wahlberg leaves a surprising tip to a single mother at IHOP.

Given the situation of the world today, it is not surprising that many people must labor nonstop in order to exist.

You’ve probably heard a lot about those who try to scam the system; about the select few who appear to float by without working, managing to stay afloat without working, and profiting on the charity of others.

However, for every “freeloader,” there are hundreds of upstanding, respectable people who work hard to make ends meet. Some of these people may be struggling financially, but they continue to work as many hours as they can every day in order to make ends meet.

Bethany Provencher is one of these people, according to sources. She relocated to St. Charles, Illinois a few years ago in search of a new beginning after living in Miami for 18 years as a dedicated single mother with an 11-year-old son.

Bethany was able to obtain a job at a local IHOP and sign a lease for a new apartment in The Magic City thanks to her 25 years of customer service experience.

Despite this, she was well aware that things would be difficult for a while because, according to all sources, she had been unable to appropriately furnish her new flat due to a lack of funds.

Then, just before the new year, a famous couple walked into the IHOP Bethany was working at and sat in her part of the restaurant.

Bethany quickly identified Donnie Wahlberg, who was with his wife Jenny McCarthy, as the man.

Bethany allegedly struggled to keep her excitement in check. The waitress adored Donnie’s band, New Kids on the Block, and she had a special place for him in particular.

As a result, Bethany was overjoyed to be working with him. She had no idea how deep an impact that day would have on her life.

After Donnie and his family finished their supper, the singer paid their $35.27 bill and left a note for Bethany to read on the receipt. “Thanks, Bethany, and Happy New Year,” it stated, alongside a hand-drawn smiley face.

Donnie apparently urged Bethany not to look at the receipt until he and his wife had left the IHOP. When Bethany finally checked the receipt, she was surprised to learn that Donnie had left her and her coworkers a $2,020 tip.

See more about Donnie’s generosity in the video below:

Wow! What a beautiful gesture, and one that I’m sure went a long way for Bethany after her big move to Illinois!

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