-Do you want to not celebrate Valentine’s Day? -Why not? -Because I love you every second, not just once a year and I don’t want the symbol of our love to be an object!

I’m tired of the consumerism propaganda that has been going on for several years and it seems to be more and more aggressive. I’m tired of seeing people express their love on Facebook, showing everyone that the most important thing for them is to earn a living partner. I no longer want to see how the love they have for each other is directly proportional to the size and prices of the gifts they give each other.


Honestly, I don’t care if I’m old-fashioned or not. If the evolution of love consists of billions of syrupy messages that people post in front of the world, in gifts, in gestures made just for those around to see how much they love each other, I do not want to evolve. I think the love between two people is felt, it doesn’t have to be demonstrated to the people around you, but I know that there are times when you feel like screaming that you love! And then I encourage you to do it, no matter who hears you!


And yet there are days when love is celebrated … and how to celebrate it other than through many and varied hearts, through pillows, mugs, teddy bears, plush puppies, and just about anything that appears especially for this period and checks, cash, credit cards, phones, cars, jewelry, as long as they have a heart attached somewhere) …. so sad.




I wish all the traders who take advantage of this day of the year all the best! I wish them wealth, peace and quiet, but I wish them to stop! Why? Because they sell a wrong idea of ​​what it means to love and they are really taken seriously! People inadvertently associate love with the things that are presented as symbols … and I honestly don’t think it’s right.


You don’t love once a year and you don’t love with a gift! Love every moment, love hard, with all your heart! It’s the only beautiful thing you can do for the one next to you, because the rest comes naturally.


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