Do we ever realize the value of the words that come out of our mouths?

I admit, it often takes my mouth off beforehand. No matter how good a Christian I consider myself, I still call myself a hypocrite when I get rid of an insult or a sting … and not only then … It is tragic that I do it out of inertia in those moments and that I start thinking with my head only after I close my mouth again. Why? I don’t know either … probably from a dose of wickedness I’m deeply rooted in. God, I want to get rid of her!


I realized I had work to do. I offended someone just because he exists, because at some point in the past he caused me some inconvenience. I thought of everything only after I opened my mouth. I am sorry. I don’t know why I said those things. They came out nicely in my mouth like lightning, to show my superiority … or vice versa. I sincerely hope that God will help me to be silent next time … and not to think badly next time. I rely on Him, because I can no longer trust myself (so far I have admired myself precisely because I can control myself … I have deceived myself …).


The tongue is the strongest organ we have in the body. With its help we say beautiful words, good greetings, but also heavy words, which remain imprinted in the mind and soul of the person to whom we address. I don’t think we see that every heavy word we say has serious consequences for us, because we practically invite everything we invoke into our lives. Sounds hard to believe? Well, it’s not like that at all. I will give a concrete example. Constantly telling a friend that he is stupid, he will lose his self-confidence and will not even try to manage on his own. Always swearing and sending to …… Do we have any idea what we’re talking about? Do we want anyone to get there? Was our perspective really that ugly?


Words are all the harder when they come from someone close to you. No matter how much we tell ourselves it doesn’t matter, it hurts. Please be careful in the parent-child and child-parent relationship. Even if you are not aware, even if you want to stimulate each other, ugly words have no meaning in a family, later they will know the “fruits” and you will not like them.


The basic idea is that everyone around us was created with the power of the word. Maybe this way we will realize how important it is to be careful what we put in our mouths, because we can leave deep traces in someone’s soul … while ours falls slightly, slightly adrift and will no longer be able to differentiate between good and bad. I wish from the bottom of my heart that I could change this, because it affects us without realizing it. And for the worse. Maybe I can …


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