Denzel Washington Turns Down Marvel Role: Why He Said No

In a recent interview, Denzel Washington made a bold decision – turning down a significant role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the role could have brought him more than $30 million, Denzel stood by his principles. He expressed his opposition to what he perceived as a “woke” theme, explaining that he didn’t resonate with the idea of playing a character who hides their homosexuality and eventually reveals it.

Marvel denied that the characters offered to Washington were Thanos or Groot, but fans have speculated that one of them might have been the role. With Marvel’s vast range of characters, it’s challenging to pinpoint the specific superhero in question. Some fans have even suggested the possibility of a love relationship between Agent Carter and Black Widow.

Denzel Washington has been candid about his reluctance to take part in stories that he views as “woke.” He believes that movies with the potential to win awards, such as “Remember the Titans,” provide a better platform to showcase his acting skills.

In another surprising move, Washington has chosen not to accept the 11 Black Oscar trophies that he has received. Instead, his three customary Oscars are prominently displayed on top of his refrigerator. This choice reflects his unique perspective and independent spirit.

Turning down a highly lucrative role in the Marvel Universe was undoubtedly a significant decision for Denzel Washington. But in staying true to himself and his artistic integrity, he continues to make choices that matter.


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