Deck Water Feature

Welcome to Fecoya, where we bring enchantment to your deck! If you’re looking to rejuvenate your outdoor space and add a captivating element, look no further. Our deck water feature is the perfect addition to your deck, designed to create a soothing and visually stunning aquatic installation right in your own backyard.

Creating the Perfect Layout

During the refurbishment of your deck, we will uphold the existing framework while revamping the upper deck boards, posts, and rails. We’ll work together to determine the ideal layout for your deck water feature, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with your space. In fact, we have found that a corner orientation often provides the perfect site for this enchanting addition.

Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail

Our team of skilled craftsmen will carefully construct your deck water feature, paying attention to every detail. We will strategically position a four-foot water trough between two posts, conserving valuable deck space while ensuring its harmonious integration. To secure the trough, we’ll fashion braces from 2×6 planks, carefully carving out each corner to achieve a snug interlocking with the posts.

Plumbing Made Easy

With the primary brace in place, we’ll drill a hole for the plumbing, ensuring that the inlet aligns centrally. Our goal is to achieve both functionality and aesthetics in the design. We’ll carefully consider the positioning of the overflow, finding the perfect balance between splashes and visual appeal. The spillway will be nestled into a carved recess, tilted forward to promote fluid flow. The tubing will be discreetly channeled through a pre-drilled aperture, connecting the spillway to the pump nestled at the trough’s base.

Testing and Final Touches

Before we put the finishing touches on your deck water feature, we’ll run a test to ensure everything is working perfectly. This step allows us to assess the adequacy of the pump’s capacity and ensure a smooth flow of water over the spillway.

From the back view, the plumbing connections may seem complex, but rest assured, we will conceal them using galvanized metal. This material allows for easy removal when needed, such as for water drainage or repairs. To complete the look, we’ll use fence picket boards to shroud the plumbing infrastructure while adding a quaint elevated planter for an extra visual accent.

The Grand Finale

The culmination of this project will see the application of deck stain, perfectly harmonizing your deck water feature with the existing deck and its freshly installed railings. Additionally, we will extend electrical wiring from an existing outlet and utilize an outdoor extension cord operated via a timer to ensure convenience and ease of use.

Are you ready to experience the enchantment of our deck water feature? Contact us today to bring your deck to life with the beauty and tranquility of flowing water right at your fingertips. Let Fecoya create a captivating outdoor oasis that you can enjoy for years to come!


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