Dear woman, be very careful how much you let feminism affect you!

We are women and we feel good in our skin. We are proud to be women. However, dear readers, it is not bad that there are men. We often confuse this equality between the sexes with the glorification of the fairer sex and how hard it hits men. Why? Because at one point, we were dealing in a negative way with a man … and that affected us enormously …


Not that someone like you, a woman who knows you are smart and bare-headed, should consider that all men are in a certain way … bad, just because your feelings were hurt at some point. Forget it! You can do more than that. Yes, let me not catch you complaining of pity that men are to blame if you have not succeeded and not to hear that the world would be a better world if they disappeared suddenly.


Give pride to a part of your life and so no one will be able to hurt you in it! Wipe off your mascara if you’ve ever been chased by a man who hurt you and pray to God to heal your wounds! Get up and seek to love, to forgive, not to be fierce and to look for a supportive club that will give you justice to comfort your pride.


Try to attract people around you who you like, because no two are alike. The men you attract to your life are the ones you call. Don’t let yourself be indoctrinated by the wickedness with which some of us treat men. Naturally, they are human and have flaws. But who doesn’t? And if your idea is that women are superior in some way, then I’m sorry to disappoint you, but try to get out of such a lie!


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