Curly Dark Hair, Snow-White Skin And His Dad’s Million-Dollar Smile: Fans Are Amazed With Richard Gere’s 24-Year-Old Son!

Fans of 74-year-old Richard Gere are glued to their screens!

The iconic Hollywood actor has introduced his 24-year-old son to the world for the first time.

Web users are captivated by Homer’s striking looks: his curly dark hair, bright azure eyes, alabaster skin, and that million-dollar smile inherited from his father.

It’s hard not to be enchanted by Homer. The dashing dad hinted that his son is eager to break into the film industry.

“What a stunning young man,” “Am I the only one who didn’t realize Gere had such an adult son?”

“I must have missed something. I had no idea Richard had such a grown-up and handsome heir.”

“I want to cry. Time flies so fast. Everyone’s favorite is already 74,” “He should head straight to Hollywood,” “I’d love to see a film starring this guy.”

“Gere’s son is stunning. He has his dad’s smile,” wrote fans online beneath photos of Gere’s heir.

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