CNN Faces Historic Ratings Drop Not Seen In Decades

CNN Faces Historic Ratings Drop Not Seen In Decades

CNN, once a giant in the news industry, has hit an alarming low with its recent primetime viewership, reaching a point unseen in over 30 years. The network, often criticized for its perceived bias, managed to draw just 83,000 viewers in the critical 25-54 age group from May 13 to 19.

Such disappointing numbers highlight CNN’s struggles compared to its rivals. While CNN captured only 494,000 total viewers, Fox News and MSNBC attracted 2 million and 1.1 million viewers respectively during the same period. This glaring difference underscores CNN’s challenges in holding its audience amid fierce competition in the media world.

At the helm during this tough period is CNN’s new CEO, Mark Thompson. Taking over after former CEO Chris Licht’s departure, Thompson is also the network’s editor-in-chief. He admits the obstacles posed by dwindling TV viewership and has pledged to roll out a new strategy to boost CNN’s performance.

Thompson’s plan includes shifting focus from predominantly political coverage to a broader range of topics. By covering more stories on business, technology, climate, health, and wellness, CNN aims to appeal to a wider audience and attract new viewers across various platforms.

In his mission to rejuvenate CNN, Thompson foresees a “revolution” in how the network delivers news. He stresses the importance of innovation and reinvention, encouraging the CNN team to embrace change and keep pace with the evolving media landscape. Drawing inspiration from CNN’s founder Ted Turner, Thompson calls for renewed confidence and teamwork among the network’s staff to usher in a new era of success.

However, despite Thompson’s directive to move away from politics, CNN continues to cover controversial political stories, including the ongoing developments around hush money payments involving former President Donald Trump. CNN host Jake Tapper recently expressed his shock over revelations about Michael Cohen’s illicit activities and their potential legal ramifications.

As CNN navigates these challenging times, the network remains under intense scrutiny and debate. Its future hinges on its ability to adapt, innovate, and connect with audiences in an ever-changing media environment.


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