Assumptions can destroy your relationship.

I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks of the man she loves even when she’s not with me. I don’t think I’m the only one wondering what she’s doing at the moment, wondering where she ended up and how long she has until she walks in the door. In those moments I simply ask him to talk. I’m not assuming he’s at point X or Y, I’m not assuming he did this or that thing.


I think most people make their scenarios, they constantly wonder what will be later, what their life will look like tomorrow. I think we always assume that things should happen in a certain way, I think we assume that the person next to us must have certain reactions in difficult situations. The truth is that the bill at home rarely matches the bill at the fair and we often end up disappointed with the course of events.


Many times we assume that a person is in one way or another, better or less good according to the words we hear about him, often we assume that a man loves or respects us only if he does certain things … and we end up disappointed if not everything goes as planned.


The idea is that no man can read our thoughts, no matter how well he knows us … but we claim that this will happen … it is difficult for us to talk, to ask, to share our ideas. No one but ourselves and God knows what we have in mind. And most of the time those thoughts are directed at someone who has a certain influence on our life and there are times when he / she does not think the same way.


Well, just tell him! Tell him / her what you want from him / her and always pretend to be honest. Communicate! Tell him what you like and what bothers you. Otherwise how will he know what to change. By telling a man what you have in mind, you will see if he really cares about you or not, you will understand how the situation really is. This way you will find out about everything, whether you want that man next to you or not.


Don’t make plans based on assumptions about what the ideal person should look like! You may discover the perfect man for you in someone you have never considered, who you can truly love and who can love you differently than you would see the ideal, better!


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