Ann Curry: A Veteran Journalist with an Unwavering Dedication

Ann Curry, the accomplished journalist, has had an illustrious career in the field of journalism spanning several decades. Despite facing some setbacks in recent years, her impact remains significant.

Early Success and Recognition

Curry kickstarted her broadcasting career in 1978 as an intern at an NBC affiliate in Oregon. She quickly proved her mettle and became the station’s trailblazing first female news reporter. Her talent led her to Portland and later to Los Angeles, where she worked as an anchor and reporter for various news organizations. It was during her time in Los Angeles that Curry’s exceptional work earned her two Emmy Awards, solidifying her reputation as a top-notch journalist.

Joining NBC News and Making History

In 1990, Curry joined the esteemed NBC News team as a correspondent in Chicago. She then went on to become an anchor on the morning show “NBC News at Sunrise” and occasionally filled in for Matt Lauer on “Today.” In 1997, she was promoted to news anchor on “Today” and held the position until 2011. Curry’s expertise was widely recognized, leading her to become the co-anchor of Dateline NBC in 2005 and the main substitute on NBC Nightly News from 2005 to 2011, making her a prominent figure in broadcasting.

Unexpected Departure and Continuing Contributions

However, in June 2012, Curry’s sudden and emotional departure from “Today” left many in shock. The reasons behind her leaving remain unclear. Despite leaving the morning show, Curry remained with NBC News until January 2015, showing her commitment to the field.

Following her 25-year tenure with NBC News, Curry continued to contribute to journalism. She founded a multi-platform media company and produced the PBS series “We’ll Meet Again.” In addition, she gave a compelling TED Talk on restoring trust in journalism and hosted TNT’s “Chasing the Cure.” Curry’s remarkable work and dedication were acknowledged when she received the prestigious Murrow Lifetime Achievement Award from Washington State University’s Edward R. Murrow College of Communication in 2022. The university recognized her for her efforts in covering human suffering in war zones and natural disasters, highlighting her commitment to storytelling that sheds light on important issues.

Embracing New Endeavors and a Welcoming Return

Recently, Curry sat down for an interview with Min Jin Lee, the celebrated author of “Pachinko,” for PBS Arts Talk. While Curry has been relatively inactive on social media, she took a moment to share a wintry photo, sending warm wishes for a safe and cozy day to all her followers.

Ann Curry’s career has been filled with remarkable accomplishments. Despite the challenges she has faced along the way, her unwavering dedication to journalism serves as an inspiration to us all.


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