An elderly man brings an unknown bag to a dog shelter. She Can’t Hold Back Tears When She Sees What’s Inside

We at So Share This adore telling our readers uplifting and inspirational tales. Our hearts, as well as the hearts of hundreds of thousands of other people online, were affected by this story.

Many people who have seen what this unnamed man has done have been moved to tears by one wonderful, uncomplicated act.

Madison Sorrel, a young woman, visited the Tulsa Animal Welfare Shelter to adopt a dog. The 20-year-old expected to take a puppy home with her, but she had no idea that a complete stranger who happened to be there would touch her heart.

Madison saw a senior man approach the shelter while toting a white plastic bag. When she discovered why he had brought the tennis balls, she took a picture with her phone and tweeted it. She quickly noticed that the bag held a lot of tennis balls.

The image’s caption states: “We learned that this man was donating tennis balls in honor of a much-loved pet. If this doesn’t brighten your day, I’m not sure what will.

Since Madison visited the Tulsa shelter in early July, her tweet has been liked by more than 200,000 people and shared thousands more times.

Many of the remarks made in response to the picture describe how moved they were to tears by the man’s altruistic gift of the tennis ball to the shelter.

I absolutely did not anticipate it to receive this much attention, Madison remarked.

Like Madison did when she first saw him, many of the others who replied on social media had an immediate and emotional reaction to this man and his bag of balls.

One person said how moved they were by the elderly man’s donation to the shelter as well as the fact that he took the time to gather them and travel to the shelter in the first place.

Madison gave the following justification for her urge to share the picture: “It’s a beautiful message,” she added. “You can volunteer and make a donation at any age.”

The old man’s identity is unknown, but Madison said on Twitter that he was shown the picture by a member of his family and that he is aware of the positive response his thoughtful gesture is getting.

The man’s kind donation and Madison’s description of the incident were both corroborated by the Tulsa Animal Welfare Shelter. They claimed that “[the man] donated the tennis balls in honor of a much-loved dog.”

The animal shelter made this statement on social media in response to the picture’s overwhelmingly positive reception: “We appreciate having donations from the community. Every little bit helps, whether it is food, blankets, or towels. Being a municipal shelter, we receive a lot of animals, especially at this time of year. Donate to your neighborhood shelter!

If you can’t provide items, we’re constantly looking for extra volunteers, said a volunteer for the shelter.

With 6.5 million companion animals entering U.S. animal shelters each year, there is unquestionably a great need for volunteers and supplies.

Do you have any idea how many content animals there are now at the Tulsa shelter because of that man’s donation? How amazing that this man is preserving the memories of his deceased pet while allowing all these other animals to enjoy playing with one of the balls.

Many people might be unwilling to express their grief after losing a pet since they would like to keep all the memories to themselves.

Instead, he came to the realization that even though he cannot bring his beloved companion back, he can still bring happiness to other distressed animals.

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