Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one was born an expert.

Anything we don’t know will be difficult at first. No one was born knowing them all … that’s why we must always work to get where we want, to grow, to build the life we ​​dream of. And after all, where would the charm be if we didn’t have to work at all and if we got everything on the tray? Would we understand anything about the role we have on this earth?


Allow yourself to be a beginner sometimes, that is, allow yourself to learn new things! Don’t fall into the trap of the man who knows them all and doesn’t need anything new. This happens quite often if you end up in a stable situation … and everything around you can fool you into not needing more.


Life itself means growing up. Let us grow in faith, let us learn, let us take another step in the direction that God has prepared for us. To live involves more than that period between birth and death … I think that period means living in a continual search for God.


Many times you will be subjected to challenges that you had no idea existed. Many times you will be put in situations that will test you, that will reveal everything that is worse in you, that will panic you. And these situations will appear in your career, in your personal life, but also in your relationship with God. Maybe you will have moments when you will fall and when you will have to start all over again, on another path … but you will succeed if you put your trust in Him.


Even if everything is new to you, even if you have no idea which direction you are going, do not be discouraged, but try. Even if some new things will seem extremely difficult to you, if you have to be there, then you will find a way to get over them. Slowly, from scratch maybe, but you will be able to grow if you want this. You will be able to learn a lot if you want to assume that now you do not know.


There will always be people who will be more advanced than you on all levels. The fact that at the moment you do not know as much as they know is not a reason to give up, but on the contrary. Rejoice that he has someone to teach you. No matter what field you are in, you can learn new things. That’s why you shouldn’t be frustrated or saddened that you don’t know them right now. Take on the role of apprentice and get on with it!


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