Alec Baldwin walks with a cane for the first time since hip surgery.

In a recent interview, the actor talked about his “incredibly painful” recovery following the operation on May 30.

Alec Baldwin recently underwent hip replacement surgery and is now back in public.

The 65-year-old Dr. Death actor was seen in public for the first time since his surgery on May 30 on Friday, navigating the streets of New York City with a cane.

Baldwin walked with a grey and metal crutch on his left side and wore a smart-casual outfit for his trip in New York City. He wore a loose-fitting black T-shirt and navy blue shirt with matching navy pants, a blazer on his right hand, and polished black loafers to complete the look.

The actor’s appearance followed a video he uploaded on Instagram last week, discussing his “incredibly painful” post-surgery recuperation. He said, “This past Tuesday, I had my hip replaced. “I had my left hip done in 2018, five years ago, and I just had my other hip done five days ago.”

The Instagram Reel had Baldwin saying, “The pain goes away gradually… but is horrible. But as we frequently say in my home, ‘It’s a pain that will end the agony.’ I should have had this surgery at least two years ago, but I didn’t do myself any favors because the damage your back, neck, feet, and knees sustain is not severe.”

The actor said in the video that he had struggled with the need to “limp around” for several years. Still, he had been unable to schedule the operation and the necessary recuperation period.

“I didn’t have the time to complete it in light of my schedule or work. I didn’t have 4-6 weeks to put myself in that kind of a rut,” he continued. Or my glucose problems affected that, making it difficult. I would have a failed blood sugar test on the scheduled operation date.

Hilaria Baldwin, the actor’s 39-year-old wife, announced the news of his most recent hip surgery on Instagram last month. She tweeted a picture of Baldwin resting in bed at home and wrote, “My husband has been through a very intense chronic pain chapter.”

“Today, Alec got a new hip…It had been long overdue. Together, we have been through so much.” Hilaria added in the caption, “As your spouse and as you heal, I want so very much for you to leave this very intense chronic pain chapter behind and enhance your quality of life. Thankful to the doctors who kindly bring him through this, including Drs. Davidovitch, Miller, Golden, and Furgiuele, as well as the nurses, PT and OT personnel, and other outstanding people.”

Baldwin responded to his wife’s lovely statement in the comments section: “And you. I love you.”


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