After witnessing a black mark in the child’s mouth, the mother “can never show face” in the doctor’s office.

After learning the true nature of a dark stain found inside her child’s lips at a hospital, a worried mother has stated that she will never go back to that establishment again.

While Darian Depreta was interacting with her daughter Bella through play, she became aware that Bella had something peculiar in her mouth.

The American mother spotted a huge circular mark inside her mouth as she looked at herself in the mirror.

Darian made several attempts to remove it, but his efforts were fruitless, and he eventually began to freak out.

She contacted her mother as well as some of her close friends before making an appointment with a physician.

After waiting for a half an hour, she finally arrived at the doctor’s office.

She recalled the event and wrote about it on Facebook, saying, “I get to the doctor’s office, and the Nurse Practitioner tried to wipe it, and she claimed she had never seen anything like it.”

“She makes the decision to talk to the doctors, and they speculate that it might be a birthmark.” I insisted that it wasn’t because I always look in her mouth and clean it because it wasn’t the reason.

It has just been brought to my attention that my daughter will be referred to not one but two specialists.

After the patient insisted that the mark on the roof of her mouth was not a birthmark, the nurse practitioner decided to give this medical enigma another look.

“I point out that it appears to have a little white on the side, and she really gets in there and tries to scrape it,” I said.

“ONLY TO FIND OUT THAT IT WAS CARDBOARD FROM A BOX BELLA CHEWED STUCK TO THE ROOF OF HER MOUTH,” it said. Bella had been chewing on some cardboard from a box.

Darian joked that she would “never show my face in that office again” and added that she had laughed and sobbed for “a solid five minutes straight.” Darian also stated that she had laughed and cried for “a solid five minutes straight.”

She also responded to the concerned comments that were left on the post, adding that she was aware that Bella may have choked on the cardboard and that she is ‘thanking God she did not.’

Darian followed by saying, “The only reason it was uploaded was because after crying, freaking out, and trying to figure out what it was (the doctors didn’t even know), she was okay.” After the turmoil of it all, there was a good laugh.

And contrary to popular belief, I do not permit my infant to gnaw on cardboard.

She is cutting her teeth and tries to gnaw on EVERYTHING she can find. During the time that I was loading the dishwasher, she stumbled into a box, which, as a matter of course, I grabbed away from her as soon as I saw it.

“I just was not aware that a piece had become lodged in that area. Immediately, I looked in her mouth for any fragments of the object.


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