Adults’ High School Level Math Skills Are Tested by a Difficult Equation

The Importance of Everyday Math

Everyday math proves useful for calculating tips or figuring out sale discounts.

Basic Arithmetic in Daily Life

You might not need trigonometry or algebra daily, but basic arithmetic is crucial outside the classroom. Exercise your math skills to stay sharp for everyday calculations. Give it a try below.

Test Your Math Skills

Not so fast! Ensure you’ve made the right choices in finding your solution. Scroll down if you want a hint.

Hint Time

Remember your PEMDAS order of operations.

Solving the Equation

What do you think the answer is: 3 or 12?

Using PEMDAS, first do the operation in parentheses: 8÷4=2.

Next, solve the left equation: 24÷4=6.

Finally, multiply: 6×2=12.


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