A young lady took a selfie in the middle of the night but when she discovered what was in the picture she began to tremble. “I can’t believe what I’m seeing. It is clear how he gets out of there and … ”. These pictures cannot be explained by anyone, not even by her, here is what she discovered

Over time, various images of paranormal phenomena have appeared on the Internet. Whether they exist or not, we do not have a clear answer, it is certain that the images in which different characters appear in a dim light, behind the person taking the picture, are more and more common, some being funny, others scary.

A young Filipino named Katrina Paraiso posted on her Facebook account some pictures that will leave you speechless.

She lives alone, has no children, not even grandchildren. She is settled in Japan but on one of her visits to the Philippines, something scary happened to her that she did not stay at home for the next 2 years.

“I had just arrived home, it was almost midnight and I thought of taking a selfie to send to my boyfriend left in Japan. After taking a few pictures, I looked over them carefully to send them of course the most beautiful image.

I began to tremble instantly when I saw that there was a white shadow near my luggage on the floor. I thought I couldn’t see well, so I tried to make the pictures clearer and increase the intensity of the colors. ”- says Katrina.

Below you can see the scary images.

The most interesting part, however, is not the images, but Katrina’s story. This detail frightened the whole world. Apparently she had 5 brothers, but one of them died at a very young age.

We could say that it is the child that appears in the image, however, in the images, it seems to be more of a girl. After the images have been very well edited and clarified, you can see how the little girl had a bottle of milk in her hand. Is the child’s spirit lost a few years ago? What do you think?


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