A woman should not invest in that type of relationship in which she would not want to see her daughter or entrust herself to a man whose qualities and values ​​she would not want for her son.

If your own person is not important enough to protect you from a man who does not respect and love you, then try to think a little from another perspective … let’s say you have children (if you already have, super! It will be much easier to do this imagination exercise, which, believe me, will fit you well!). Why? Because they are the beings that a mother loves with all her heart, even more than herself.


How would you like to see your daughter? You know her better than anyone and you love her very much. Who would you like to see her with? I would answer that next to a man who loves her at least as much as you love her. And I’m sure that if it weren’t so, you would do everything you could to help her change her life for the better. Well, if you want the best for her, don’t want less for yourself! Do not invest feelings in a man who is not able to make you smile and who does not care if you are happy or not!


As for your boy … how do you want to raise him? How do you want him to treat his girlfriend? Do you want to know love? Do you want him to know how to love or walk from flower to flower, no matter if it hurts or not, as long as he has achieved his goal? Do you want him to be that trickster who plays 2-3 women on his fingers at once? Do you want to be the man who doesn’t care about anything but him and his needs? Do you want to be the man who doesn’t care about the incredible woman he has at home and every time he is offered “something” new, he takes it without thinking? Do you want to have a son for whom the word of God is not worth two pennies and is guided by rules he has adopted from who knows what friend? I’m sure you want more for your child. Because this kind of life won’t bring him anything good.


Don’t ask for less for you! Do not sit next to a man who has no moral values, whose actions bring you nothing but sadness and frustration. It’s not your fault. If you are able to love, give love to those who truly deserve it !!


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