A woman feels when a man loves her!

We are usually interested in the lives of others .. We are interested in how and how they earn a living, we are interested in how they talk, we are interested in what clothes they wear .. We usually focus on a few people closer or less close and we are interested in … why? For various reasons … either out of admiration, or out of envy, or simply because we like to judge what others do.


And so we sometimes forget that we also have such a beautiful life to live. We forget that God has given us a gift and we do not realize how important we are. We forget about ourselves in order to criticize and judge others, when the main thing we have to do is take the beam out of our eyes and see that we are so far from what God wants from us … and we get lost. … we lose ourselves because we fill ourselves with poison … or because we try to be like others.


It is normal to appreciate certain people for various qualities. But forming idols out of them is the worst thing you can do. You will only have to lose if you do not accept yourself as you are and only after you try to change for the better everything you realize you have to change in yourself … but for this you must want to change, and this is the hardest step.


If the judgment of those around you takes up most of your time, you will be filled with poison. You will compare your qualities to their flaws and you will consider yourself perfect … and you will close your eyes … and you will not see how far you are from the truth. So judge for yourself. Ask God to change you a little every day and together you will succeed and you will be happy … otherwise you will live without being able to enjoy life a little … because to enjoy is different from to laugh … possibly at others!


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