A Vegetarian Dilemma in a Relationship

Being in a relationship can sometimes bring about certain tensions and conflicts. In my case, it’s my commitment to vegetarianism that often causes some disputes between my boyfriend, John, and me. You see, I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 11, and I have very strong principles and beliefs about it. One of the main issues John has is my refusal to spend my hard-earned money on meat. It’s a rule I made for myself and one that I’m determined to stick to.

When we go on dates, we usually split the bill, and sometimes John pays for it all. I’ve made it clear that if he orders something meat-free, I’d be more than happy to pay for both of us. Unfortunately, he rarely opts for vegetarian options. Typically, when he treats me to a meal, it’s usually after I’ve spent money on the activity itself, such as concerts or festivals. I end up shelling out €120+ on tickets, while he spends maybe €50 on food.

Recently, it was John’s birthday, and we decided to celebrate it at his favorite fancy restaurant. He ordered the most expensive steak on the menu, along with a side salad and a bottle of wine. When we finished our meal, I asked the waiter to split the bill, and that’s when things took an unexpected turn. John looked at me in shock and asked if I was joking. I assured him that I wasn’t.

He seemed to assume that I would foot the bill simply because it was his birthday, but I had never given him any reason to believe that. I questioned his reasoning, but he couldn’t come up with a satisfactory answer other than it being his special day. I made it clear that I would pay for the wine and the side salad, but he would have to cover the cost of the steak. This infuriated him, and he stormed off to the bathroom.

Feeling puzzled, I paid for my own meal, the wine, and the salad, and waited for John to return. However, he never did. After waiting for 20 minutes, I decided to leave. I found him sitting on a bench near where we had parked the car, clearly upset. I inquired about why he had left and reminded him that he still needed to pay. To my surprise, he seemed genuinely shocked and asked if I hadn’t paid. I explained that I had covered everything except for the meat, which caused him to react angrily. He began yelling at me, calling me selfish and telling me to grow up.

Despite the heated exchange, I remained calm and reiterated that he needed to go back and settle the bill. He scoffed and walked away. Left with no other choice, I ended up driving home without him. Now he’s blaming me for his inability to show his face in his favorite restaurant because he dined and dashed. It’s a small establishment where he’s likely to be recognized and potentially kicked out.

So, given the circumstances, I can’t help but wonder if I am in the wrong for refusing to pay for John’s food on his birthday and indirectly getting him banned from a restaurant.


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